Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Bars HIT

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The Allo Ultra 1600 Disposable Bar HIT is a freshly announced disposable vape series. Disposable vapes are a considerably more viable choice for nicotine consumption than cigarette smoking, with none of the bad side effects, and should be used by anybody who wants to stop smoking. The Allo Ultra 1600 Bar is the series' crown jewel. A clever microcontroller auto-regulates power output for a constant vaping experience, while over-inhale protections reduce circuit frying and dry hits. This is the greatest option if you're a total beginner. It runs on a 1000 milliamp-hour battery that should keep it going all day. Customers should be able to acquire about 1600 puffs from each disposable bar because of the large battery capacity and 6.8mL pod content. The Allo Ultra Disposable Bar comes in a variety of flavors with a nicotine concentration of 20 milligrams


  • The Allo ultra Disposable vaporizers are one of the tiniest vaping alternatives on the market, allowing you to take it anywhere you want without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
  • The Allo Ultra Disposable's 1000 mAh battery will help you stick the whole day.
  • An Allo Ultra bar will be capable of providing over 1600 puffs.
  • The Allo Ultra 1600 HIT has a massive pod capacity of 6.8ml.

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