Aspire AVP Replacement Pods

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The Aspire AVP is a creative and one-of-a-kind Replacement Pod with a 2 mL e-juice capacity. The pod may be replaced and refilled for further enjoyment. The vapor is powered by Nichrome heating and passes through a 1.3 ohms coil for optimal taste. The Aspire AVP replacement pods are manufactured using durable food grade PCTG plastic. With the new silicone stoppers that allow for a smoother click, you can quickly refill the pods via the bottom-fill mechanism and avoid spilling. The organic cotton aids in the generation of clean and delicious clouds, while the built-in Nichrome coil delivers 1.2 ohms resistance. To avoid leaks and spills, this pod is refilled using a bottom filling method and two silicone stoppers just add to the mix of benefits.

Features of Aspire AVP Replacement Pods:

  • They are refillable pods with cartridges that may be replaced.
  • They can hold up to 2 milliliters of e-liquid.
  • The resistance of the coils utilized in these pods is 1.2 ohms.
  • For heating, they employ Nichrome material.
  • They're composed entirely of organic cotton.
  • They have a silicone stopper and a bottom filling system.

Warning: Make sure you understand how to use Sub-Ohm coil capable mods and batteries before utilizing them. Always be aware of your surroundings and how to engage with them successfully. As a result of these circumstances, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover it, and it cannot be replaced.

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