Darkside Creations (DSV) E-Liquid

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Dark-side creations of e-liquid are black tobacco. That takes us to the original RY4 type of juice. It is a proper medium-flavoured juice with a vanilla flavour. It is an e-liquid that is properly manufactured and made with it in a sterile food and medical grade lab environment. It is entirely made of a rich fruity berry that has been thoroughly washed and has a distinct flavour that grows stronger as we inhale the continues. Dark Side creations are available in 30ml bottles, which also come in 120ml, and all types of 250ml bottles.

  • Dark Side Creations are a crisp, bright type of fruit juice with a smooth and fantastic orchard flavour to be the profile's taste.
  • The dark side of e-liquid is also available in black gold. which is a medium-type of flavoured juice that is mixed up with vanilla caramel and a soft pie of nutty greatness,
  • Dark side e-liquid creations included a blue surfboard, which is a smooth and proper refreshing cocktail of various flavours such as lime, grape cherry, cherry, and rum.
  • Dark side e-liquid creations come in coffin nails, which are full of different strong flavours of cigarettes.
  • Dark Side Creations come in a variety of strong flavours such as MAC MENTHOL, G-MONEY, GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL, and more to come.

The product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

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