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Pachamama is a popular Canadian vape pod manufacturer. They make pods exclusively for the STLTH vape delivery devices. Tropical fuji apples are combined with a hint of strawberry and nectarine to create the fuji apple flavor. Nicotine concentrations of 20 milligrams per milliliter, 35 milligrams per milliliter, and 50 milligrams per milliliter are found in Pachamama vape pods (0, 2, 3.5, and 5.0 percentage accordingly). However, the 2 percent pod is the recommended nicotine strength for novices. Older tobacco smokers who aim to quit smoking are far more likely to use nicotine-infused vape pods. Regular smokers will have little trouble making the switch because the sensation is very identical.
  • Each pack includes three pod refills that can be quickly and easily switched out.
  • Rope Cut pods are easy to change and are compatible with STLTH vape devices.
  • They are the goto vape pod brand of beginners to vaping.

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