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Ultimate 100 is a vape pod manufacturer company based in Canada. They primarily make vape pods for STLTH vape delivery devices. STLTH Pods are available in packets of three, with each pod containing 2.0ml of nicotine-based E-juice and nicotine content of 2 percent. However, they also make pods of different concentration levels as well. Specifically, 2 percentage and bold 5.0 percentage variants. They are mainly available in three different flavors and are easily accessible for any adult who is making the shift from

harmful tobacco smoking.

  • They've been designed particularly for use with STLTH devices.
  • Their flavor is extremely fresh and pleasant.
  • The Ultimate 100 pods are designed and manufactured in Canada.
  • Each Ultimate 100 pod is filled with 2ml of e-juice


  • Blue Blood: A Tart Blue Raspberry is used to make this delicious pod.
  • Love Pink: Pink Lemon is used to prepare this flavor.
  • Extreme: This exquisite treat is made with apple peach.

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