STLTH Device (Battery only)

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STLTH Device (Battery only) contains the replacement battery that is to be used on an STLTH device. The battery has an industry-leading capacity of 420 mAh. In comparison to other vaping delivery systems on the market today, STLTH has a battery capacity that is more than twice as large as the alternatives available. For reference, The JUUL Device, which is the main competitor of STLTH, offers only a mere 200 mAh battery in their packs.


  • It has the highest capacity battery when compared to the alternatives.
  • The pod of the STLTH device is easily replaceable making it more convenient to use.
  • The battery replacement process is a very simple task even for a novice
  • It is less expensive to change the battery of the STLTH Device than other options in-store.
  • The instruction manual provided in the box is very clearly explained.
  • The STLTH device is available in a broad range of colors.

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