Sucker Punch E-Liquid

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Sucker punch e liquid comes with various iconic blends of flavors which caters to a wide variety of taste profiles. It has 3 exceptional flavor blends.
Sucker Punch e liquid Green Burst: Green Burst is an infusion of lime flavor to zesty green apple flavor, with a hint of carbonation to it tempered to sweetness with perfection.
Sucker Punch e liquid Orange Canon: Setting this apart from the other flavors, Sucker Punch e liquid Orange Canon it caters to sour taste profile bringing in a blast of bubbly orange delight, wonderfully tempered to a sour aftertaste.
Sucker Punch e liquid Purple Fury: Sucker Punch's Purple Fury E-Liquid is a powerful blend of all purple fruits. Purple grapes and black currants, sweet and luscious, ferociously blended with dark berries for an additional sour bite!

Features of Sucker Punch e liquid
  • It has a chubby gorilla bottle type
  • It comes in a 60 ml size bottle.
  • It has 70% VG and 30% PG Ratio.
  • It has flavor notes of green apple, lime soda and lemon for green burst
  • It has sour flavor notes of orange and soda.
  • It has sour flavor notes with grapes, berries and soda
  • Nicotine strength is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg

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