Sucker Punch Salt E-Liquid

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Sucker Punch is a fantastic nicotine salt e-juice that features amazing combinations of sour, sugary, delightfully chill fruity flavors that bring about the jazz. It has three different blends of flavors catering to different taste profiles.

Sucker Punch Green Burst salt e-liquid: A vibrant lemony lime burst with a dash of tangy green apples and a touch of fizz, blended to excellence!

Sucker Punch Purple Fury salt e-liquid: Purple Fury is a fierce rush of delicious purple grapes with smooth layers of luscious black currant and fresh red raspberries on top.

Sucker Punch Orange Cannon salt e-liquid: On a hot summer afternoon, it works as a tall glass of traditional, cool, sparkling orange fizzy and refreshing drink.

Features of Sucker Punch salt e-liquid

  • Packaging: It comes in a chubby gorilla bottle.
  • Quantity: It has 30 ml of quantity in it.
  • Flavor Notes Green Bust: It has flavor notes of green apple, lime soda, and lemon.
  • Flavor Notes Orange Canon: It has sour flavor notes of orange and soda.
  • Flavor Notes Purple Fury: It has sour flavor notes with grapes, berries, and soda.
  • Nicotine Type: It has Nicotine salts in it.
  • Nicotine strength: It is available with a nicotine strength of 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg.

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