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The tri-core aliens and world-famous coils, are sold and bought all around the world. The product is popular as it has achieved a great balance between great flavor and vapor. The tri-core coils are renowned in the market for being reconstructable. They are known for their elevated reactivity and superior performance. The product has been meticulously constructed to provide efficiency to users from all levels. The coils incorporate variable power electronic mods. The product has managed to be a top choice for consumers and continues to show great demand in the market.

Features of tri-core alien 0.20-ohm coils

  • The coils are carefully designed and handcrafted.

  • The product is packaged in pair of two coils.

  • Cleanliness has been ensured, as the coils are cleaned in ultrasonic cleaned before being packaged.

  • A 30ml chubby gorilla bottle is used for the packaging, which is a signature style of bully coil builder.

  • Swedish nichrome has been used in making the coils, providing superior quality.

  • The product has been designed to suit users from all levels-beginners to expert levels.

  • It provides great flavor, as well as vapor.


The product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.


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