Regina Smoking Bylaw Changes

Recently the Regina Municipal government reached out to residents to voice their opinion on where smoking should and shouldn't be allowed.  In this outreach they specified that Vaping would be thrown into this review of the smoking bylaw currently in place.  

This initially had many vapers and shop owners concerned, as history has shown with this kind of reform that vaping can be thrown under the blanket of smoking causing flavor, usage and commerce bans.  However in this case, it seem the city has listened to what people had to say, and has given some fair renovations to the Bylaw.  

Smoking Bylaw No. 10167. (2017, May). Retrieved from

Proposed Changes - Highlights

The City of Regina is proposing the following changes to the existing Smoking Bylaw, to take effect July 15, 2017:
1. Prohibits smoking and vaping on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar     establishments
2. Prohibits smoking and vaping at outdoor public events on City-owned or controlled land
3. Prohibits smoking and vaping at and within a 10 metre buffer zone of City-owned outdoor recreational facilities including playgrounds, spray pads, swimming pools, skating rinks, skate parks, off-leash areas, picnic tables, picnic shelters, gazebos, exercise facilities, track facilities, open-air stadiums and sports facilities, hard surface courts and athletic fields (including spectator seating areas)
4. Prohibits smoking and vaping within a 10 metre buffer zone of entrances, windows and air exchanges of public buildings
5. Prohibits vaping in enclosed public places where smoking is prohibited under The Tobacco Control Act
6. Has an exemption consistent with The Tobacco Control Act in relation to outdoor traditional spiritual and cultural ceremonies
7. Has an exemption for teaching and testing devices in a vape retail store

These changes represent what many vapers have been trying to achieve through the city, real regulations with compromise and a clear differentiation between Cigarettes, and Vaporizers.  Much of this is thanks to the outreach from the community through a city provided survey.  

Appendix B - Survey results March 16

Overall, this marks a big first step towards fair legislation and government to citizen communication.  


The Bylaw changes are set to take effect July 15, 2017