Where Vaping Has Been, And Where It's Going

Well, here we are.  Regulation.

It was only a matter of time, and between retailers, wholesalers, and users, this day has either been long awaited, or dreaded. 

I've been a part of the vaping industry for a long time, and I've been vaping myself for even longer, and since the very beginning I've been preparing myself for how my government would handle, or mishandle, this smoking alternative I hold very dear.

Without getting political, or into the little details of what is all legal, illegal, and requiring change, lets just sit back and appreciate how far we've come, I mean 5 or 6 years ago I was hiding my vape in my sleeve as I stood outside among smokers, for me to explain what my (now seemingly) ancient tube mod was, became a 30 minute science class, and I can't even tell you how many times I was asked "Is that weed?".  Vaping has gone from being unheard of, to an obscure pop-culture reference, to an almost normal thing for adults to do instead of smoke cigarettes. 

I've met hundreds of people who have had their lives changed by vaping, I've seen lifetime smokers switch overnight, and come to me 2 months after their doctor foretold that they'd be dead, just to tell me that they never felt better. 

This industry has come light years since it first began, between technological and safety advancement, and even E-Liquid manufacturing processes, we are so far from where we were even 5 years ago.  We've gone from 20w devices and clearomizers with salvaged laptop batteries, to several hundred watt powerhouses with over-engineered sub-ohm tanks and RDA's.  From tobaccos and your favorite flavor of strawberry, to intricate and complex baked goods and custards flavors.  

We've had several legitimate studies show vaping to be far less harmful than smoking, even the Government of Canada has recognized it as a healthier alternative.

We have grown as an industry, and as a community.  And as far as I'm concerned it's about time we were recognized as a legitimate alternative, because this regulation is not prohibition, and vaping isn't going anywhere.