Why a DNA is Worth the Money

I'm sure the first question many of you are asking is:  What the hell is a DNA and why should I care? 

To put it simply, a company called Evolv produced/produces a line of electronic cigarette main boards that are well known for customization, efficiency, and as always, a big price tag.  To put in perspective how big these guys are, Evolv is the company that graced modern vaping with temperature control, in the form of the revolutionary DNA40 chip, seen most commonly in the Vaporshark DNA40 Mod.  Even at the time it's temperature control programming was quite robust, and not long after tank manufacturers started rolling out Nickel temperature control coils for their tanks.  

Now Evolv has come out with many different variations and itterations of the DNA series, most famously the DNA200 chip, used in dozens of different mods and configurations.  Personally I picked up what I consider to be the 'best' version, the Reuleaux DNA200, the first variation of the ever popular Reuleaux series of box mods.  With 3 batteries, and a very robust DNA chip inside, it still to this day is the best performing device in my arsenal.  It did however come with a price, that price being double that of the standard RX200 and RX200s devices. 


Here's the thing about a DNA device, you can actually go and BUY the chip by itself and build a mod, because it is so simple yet well designed, it can be customized to fix in many boxes and still work well.  However the chip itself costs a cool $80 just for the board, and that's before all of the battery/charging regulators, battery trays, 510 pins and threads, and the box itself.  So you'll be hard pressed to find a DNA200 box for less than a couple hundred dollars. 

But here is why it's worth it:

At one point in time I loved the regular old RX200 so much, I had three.  It was so well built and worked so well I couldn't find anything better, but every day that DNA200 kept looking at me with it's beautiful screen, better buttons, nicer battery trays, and the temptation of full device customization.  (for reference, you could program power modes on your computer, and even change the font, ramp up time, screen logos, power on logo, etc. unheard of at the time really)  It was too good to pass up.  So one day I sold all three of my RX200's and bought this DNA, hoping that it would live up to it's price tag.  Let me tell you, it absolutely did.  Not only did it hit harder, had instant response time, and performed better over it's power band; but it's battery life was easily double that of the RX200.  You could tell that Evolv knew what they were doing with the chip, and Wismec built an innovative device to house it.  Now I won't pretend that I utilized the full potential of the DNA board, I couldn't quite find a use for the custom power modes, and it's visual customization was entertaining at best, but man oh man did it out perform anything that came out for years.   

Now coming up to present time, the newest iteration of the DNA series that I've seen, is the DNA75c, what does the 'C' stand for you may ask?  Color.  Oh yes, my favorite board now has a color screen, and of course, it carries a heavy price along with it.  However if it was anything like the chips before it, I knew it would exceed my expectations.  So I bought one (a Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75c specifically), and let me tell you how it is from a daily user's perspective:


The DNA75c only runs off a single 18650 style battery, so my main concern was battery life.  Many manufacturers claim "75% more efficient this" and "solid power band that" so when Evolv had it's efficiency claim I was slightly skeptical, however like most DNA chips this thing will run your batteries until they can't even stand.  I get a solid 12 hour day of regular vaping before It starts to putter out, using a Crown 3 with 0.25 coils at 55w all day.


This thing rips, instant power even at low wattage, with a customize-able and toggle-able pre-heat setting, nothing seems to quite fire up like a DNA chip does.  Going full blast all day, I feel comfortable replacing a 2 or 3 battery device with this single slammer.  


Now this chip is snuggly situated in a Lost Vape device, which features a 7ml Squonk tank, absolutely gorgeous aesthetics, a solid 510 base (which is screwed in, not glued in) and confident buttons.  But getting on to the DNA75c, the display is bright, crisp and of course, colored.  It has all of the information displayed right on the main page, with all of them able to be switched out either from the device itself, or the Evolv companion software.  Nicely enough, it has a stealth mode so you can even further enhance the battery life (and stop being distracted by the gorgeous screen).  

In conclusion, I may be a big fan of the DNA series, but don't let that take away from what I'm trying to say.  This is a device that is 100% worth the money, and at the end of the day $150 is a lot to spend on a single battery device, but coming from someone who has been through dozens of devices big and small, 15w to 300w, Wismec to whatever off-brand garbage FastTech has to offer, a DNA powered device will supersede anything you can buy right now. 

I like to think of a DNA powered device as the Lamborghini of Electronic Cigarettes, nothing is quite like it.  

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