Why Rebuildable Tanks Are So Good

That's right, I said it, and I think rebuildable tanks are probably the best thing to happen to vaping since the debut of the Box Mod.

Now, I shouldn't say all rebuildable tanks are great, there are a lot of options out there, and a lot are just plain not good.  But in my experience I've never enjoyed vaping more than with a really solid rebuildable tank, and that's coming from a guy who started with RDA's some 4 years ago.  

Back then, the only thing around that would actually hold juice for more than half a dozen puffs was a cartomizor or clearomizer.  Dangling wicks, high resistance coils, no flavor the whole deal.  And the the only way to get any kind of flavor or clouds was by using a rebuildable dripping atomizer, and in most cases with an unregulated tube mod.  

But times have changed, and now we all have more tanks to choose from than ever, and all of them deliver solid flavor and vapor, with the simplicity and ease of use that comes with pre-packaged coils, and most if not all give you a rebuildable option.  

To me however, nothing tops an all rebuildable tank.  Even if it's small, hard to build on, is counter intuitively designed, and is arguably more effort than an RDA.  The epitome of this in my eyes, and in recent time, is the Sigelei Moonshot; with a floating build deck and center pin, it's possibly one of the hardest tanks to build on, even compared to something as minuscule as a Goblin Mini for example.  But when I got the hang of building on it, crammed some pre-built Alien Clapton coils and cotton bacon into there, It is still to this day the best vape I've ever had, dare I say even better than an RDA.

Recently, we've been provided with amazing and robust tanks to build on, the ever popular Griffin 25 comes to mind, with a huge capacity and large build deck, it is always a go-to tank for quick and easy building, and coil maintenance.  

Or my current vape, a Wismec Reux Tank (although yes designed to also hold pre-packaged coils) is a rebuildable tank first and foremost.  With a build deck rivaling some RDA's on the market, a massive juice capacity, easy maintenance, sharp design, and almost nearly too much airflow at the maximum, vaping with an RDA almost becomes unnecessary.  

At the end of the day, what's easy, affordable, and works for you is up to you.  But from a guy who came from the era of "Drip or Die", Today's tanks are changing the game.  Being better, more flavorful, and more robust with every new product; and I for one, cannot wait for what's next.