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"A few days ago, it was leaked to the industry that a federal flavour ban will follow the federal 20mg/mL nicotine cap, coming this year.

This information comes from a video conference between a shop owner/director general of a provincial advocacy group, and Jean-François Harvey (Regional & Policy Advisor for Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health) and Tahiya Bakht (Deputy Director of Policy at Office of the Minister of Health) about a timeframe for the regulation on flavour restrictions.

The whole reason this hasn’t been published in the Canada Gazette (Canada’s Government “Newspaper”) as of yet is because they are still thinking about total ban vs. tobacco and mint flavours only, but it should be in the Gazette 1 by May for consultations, and Gazette 2 around September. Once it reaches the Gazette...consultations or not, their mind is made up and it is too late.

If the Canadian government wants (a very optimistic) less than 5% tobacco use by 2035, this is NOT the answer. Vaping can fill the gap. Instead, Health Canada, the group that has stated ON RECORD that switching from smoking to vaping can reduce harms associated with smoking, has decided that your lives don’t matter to them. All in the name of “saving the children”. Save the children. Guess what? We’re all children. You have parents, I have parents…we are all someone’s children.

In their risk assessment, 25% of vapers returning to smoking is acceptable. Approximately 250,000-300,000 vapers do not matter to them. Approximately 250,000-300,000 Canadian citizens are a complete write-off to them. In their eyes, approximately 250,000-300,000 potential premature deaths due to tobacco related illness is ok. Are you ok with this?

Appalling, disgusting, embarrassing, sickening, and maddening. Completely unacceptable. NOT ok. Period. Full stop.

The problem we face, is that the government hardly ever hears from the consumer. Instead, they hear from, ENDLESSLY, lobbyist groups like Heart & Stroke, and Cancer Society - both of which are anti-vaping. There are not enough voices from our side being heard. Sure, vendors and distributors and manufacturers can yell and scream all they want, but we have a vested interest. Our cries basically fall on deaf ears.

There are approx. 1,000,000 vapers in Canada. We need 250,000-300,000 consumer voices hammering these government officials. YOUR voices. No more sitting on idle hands. No more watching from the sidelines.

YOU, the CONSUMERS need to be heard. YOU, the CONSUMERS need to use your voices. YOU, the CONSUMERS need to contact your MP’s and oppose this ban. YOU, the CONSUMERS need to put the fear of God into these government officials, fear that these officials will lose their seat in parliament if this goes through. With an election coming this summer, these people want your vote.

Calling ALL vapers, friends of vapers, family of vapers, former vapers. Contact your MP’s. Phone them, email them, write them. Whatever means necessary. Remember, these people work for US. It is THEIR JOB to listen. “They’ll just do what they want” is an absolutely pathetic and unacceptable excuse. They DO do what they want because far too many share that attitude, and they don’t hear from enough of us telling them NO.

Tell them you oppose this legislation. Tell them your story of how you quit smoking with flavours. Tell them you are appalled and disgusted that Health Canada doesn’t care if you live or die. Tell them you are sick and tired of government overreach like this. Tell them you’re sick and tired of the government being reckless and stupid. Tell them vaping saved your life. Be angry, be clear, be concise, be professional. Hold your MP’s accountable.

It’s do or die time. Don’t roll over and expose your soft underbelly. Fight back. This is a full on assault. Spread the word, and get everyone that supports vaping involved. Protect your right to a less harmful alternative. Defend your right to harm reduction. Once again, hold your MP’s accountable. End this sickening government overreach. If no one speaks up, we all lose. Eliquid manufacturers shut down, distributors shut down, vape shops shut down. You lose your access to tobacco harm reduction, while combustible tobacco will still remain on the shelf.

This is your last chance to speak up. You can do this. Fight with your voice. Together, we can win this battle.

You can find your MP here with your postal code. They will be listed under “Current Member” https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en. You can find their contact information on the “CONTACT” tab when you view their page.

Be sure to CC info@queencityvapes.ca, vtwdistro@gmail.com in your email to your MP. We want to keep count of all submissions, and would LOVE to read what you have to say."

Post copied from our friends at Queen City Vapes.