Chill Twisted E-Liquid

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The Twisted Chill e-liquid is the Twisted Chill e-liquid that boasts the incredible juicy flavours with a sweet and smooth texture that is Twisted by Chill Raspberry and Watermelon E-Liquid which-come in a 60ml bottle made in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chill Twisted e-liquid is an exotic mix of tropical mangoes and the different flavours of tart pomegranates that is twisted up for a vape that is properly deadly. Chill Twisted e-liquid and the Nic salts of Chill Twisted e-liquid juice, which is the most different type of delectable soda flavour that has come on the market.Chill Twisted vape juice flavour is properly and carefully handcrafted Chill twisted e-liquid came in many types of different flavours ,like kiwi berry, grapefruit orange, raspberry apple, and many more.


  • This chilled twisted e-liquid comes in a variety of flavours with a smooth texture and pure taste.
  • Chill twisted e-liquid flavours include kiwi berry, which is blended with various berries, ripe kiwi, and twisted to perfection.
  • Chill Twisted e-liquid is also available in Mango Pomegranate, which combines the exotic flavours of tropical mangoes with the tart shape of pomegranates and is twisted up for a vape.
  • Chill twisted e-liquid flavours included mango, pink grape, and pomegranate fruit.
  • Chill Twisted e-liquid came in a 60mL big chubby gorilla bottle with 70% VG.
  • It is completely nicotine-free and nicotine salt e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 3mg/mL or 6mg/mL.

The product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

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