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Hundred e-liquid is a premium purveyor of the delicious fruit flavours and desert that blends with properly. 1HUNDRED of E-Liquids are also available in 100ML of freebase bottles that come as in 30mL salts for your favourite texture of pod vapes. It comes in the 100 Large bottle that comes with it in 2 x 18mg that is the Big Shot of Nicotine Boosters to create and are available in 120ml of juice (at 3mg), that there is also a handy cloth.
There are 6 named fruits and dessert flavours in total, which all are at 70% VG. Which is in Each created by expert mixologists and that is using it with a secret recipes in the UK.


  • Hundred e-liquid are available in the Sour granny smith of apples which is perfectly balanced with a ripe and sweet watermelon of it.
  • It also comes in Straw Melon and sweet watermelon and properly freshly packed yummy strawberries.
  • It also comes in Frozen that is very soothing and refreshing blast of strawberries, kiwi and pomegranate
  • Enjoy the refreshing blast of strawberry kiwi and pomegranate chilled to perfection with a cool and refreshing icy exhale.


The product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

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