SMOK Nord 2 Replacement Pods

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SMOK is a well-known vape manufacturer that offers a wide range of starter kits, chambers, and mods. The SMOK Nord 2 Replacement Pods are a pack of vape pods designed exclusively for the Nord Pod 2 Systems. They come with a 4.5 mL side filling tank, as well as NORD and RPM Pod Variants that support the respective coil series and an elegant tip for convenient use and vape production. The Smok Nord's pods were designed to be swapped out quickly. Make sure the coils and pods are properly primed before utilizing them. This gadget's magnetic pod connection is yet another distinctive feature. Because the pod is held in place by powerful magnets, you can just set it on the device and it will snap into its place with ease.

Features of Smok Nord 2 Replacement Pods:

  • The 4.5 mL NORD Pod is compatible with NORD coils, whereas the 4.5 mL RPM Pod is compatible with RPM coils.
  • They are equipped with a Comfortable Mouthpiece.
  • They have a silicone stopper and a side filling system.
  • They're from the SMOK Nord and RPM Coil Series, and they have a Magnetic Pod Connection.
Warning: Make sure you understand how to use Sub-Ohm coil capable mods and batteries before utilizing them. Always be aware of your surroundings and how to engage with them successfully. As a result of these circumstances, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover it, and it cannot be replaced.

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