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Labo LVS is a well-known maker of disposable vape pods. STLTH Labo LVS is specifically designed and built for STLTH vape delivery devices. They are available in three nicotine concentrations: 20mg/mL, Bold 35mg/ml, and Bold 50mg/mL. (2 percent, Bold 3.5 percent, and Bold 5.0 percent correspondingly). However, for beginners, the recommended dose is 20mg/mL. The Labo LVS 3PK nicotine mix is one-of-a-kind, and it has been created to cater to regular smokers looking to make the jump shift from mainstream smoking as this does not contain any harmful smoke or toxins.

  • Each packet contains three pods.
  • It can be switched easily even by a novice.
  • Each cartridge contains two milliliters of E juice.
  • Manufactured in indigenous factories of Canada.
  • It is a super soft nicotine mix.
  • Patrie: A delicious tobacco flavor from Canada.
  • Citron Melon: A delicious combination of melons sprinkled with lime juice.
  • Confusion: Raspberry, mangosteen, lemon, cherry, and grapefruit are blended together in this cocktail.

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