Uwell Crown 5 Replacement Glass

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The Uwell crown has come up with yet another amazing and super useful product, the 5V replacement glass, which is a quartz glass for the crown 5V sub-Ohm tank. It packs the innovative quality of thermal shock resistance and a huge 5ml capacity. It is the original and newest addition to the brand. It is a bubble glass tube made for a crown 5 sub-Ohm tank. It is designed to be heat resistant, being a Pyrex construction. Its biggest advantage is that it is hassle-free and easy to replace, therefore providing convenience.


  • It is specially and uniquely designed for the 5 sub-Ohm tanks.
  • It has a whooping capacity of0ml, and that too in a bubble glass tube.
  • It is made with superior quality Pyrex construction.
  • It is easy to replace, which will save you from the hassles and provide convenience.
  • Perhaps the best thing about the product is that it is thermal shock resistant and durable.
  • The product has a refillable capacity, allowing you to re-use the product.
  • Also, it is compatible with different flavors; therefore, you can enjoy a variety of flavors, using just one product.


The product has a nicotine component, which might become addictive.



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