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The Vaporesso EUC - Eco Universal Coil is a high-performance atomizer with an affordable price tag. It was designed with simplicity in mind, and it has changed the way users replace atomizer coils in the past. The Ccell coils come in 0.6ohm resistance and are a truly revolutionary product, employing a novel porous ceramic to offer a purer e-liquid flavor. The ceramic composition of these replacement vape coils eliminates the risk of spit back and dry hits while offering a steady vape even at lower temperatures. For optimum results, we recommend using these coils with high VG e-liquids of 60% VG or above in a wattage range of 20W-35W. Larger volumes of vapor will be produced with these coils; to support this, we propose using e-liquids with a VG content of 60% or above. We recommend that you do not use an e-liquid with a nicotine level higher than 6mg because of the bigger volumes of vapor that are produced.

Features of the Vaporesso Ccell GD Ceramic Replacement Coils:

  • They are high quality Sub Ohm Vape Coils
  • They are built with a robust ceramic coil and are compatible with high VG e-liquids.
  • They are compatible with coil resistances of 0.5 ohms and 0.6 ohms.

Warning: Make sure you know how to use Sub-Ohm coil capable mods and batteries before utilizing them. Always be aware of your surroundings and how to deal with them appropriately. As a result of the circumstances. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover it, and it cannot be replaced.

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