Wismec Reux Tank Replacement Coils 5PK

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The Wismec REUX Replacement Decks and Coils feature a fully interchangeable build deck as well as replacement coils that can be used in a variety of ways. This 5 Pack of Reux Dual or Triple Coils, with their laser printed "JayBo" signature, will reestablish the designer aesthetics and dazzling performance of your Wismec Reux tank. The Reux atomizer by Wismec is a cult favorite that performs similarly to the SMOK TVF8 Cloud Beast. The resistance of both kinds is 0.15 Ohms. Nichrome wire is used in the Reux RX Triple replacement coils. This 0.15 Ohm coil has a large center airflow path and organic cotton wicking that is increased. This allows the RX Triple coil to easily run at wattages ranging from 60 to 160 watts. The core airflow channel on the Reux RX Double replacement coils is massive. These lightweight coils have a firing range of 100 to 260 Watts. This coil features traditional oval wicking ports and a deep core of 100% organic cotton. Both coil types give outstanding flavor, despite their enormous cloud potential. These RX coils are developed exclusively for use with the Wismec Reux Tank and are easily replaceable. These coils are made of nichrome and are intended to endure high wattage stress. These coils function well between 60W and 150W, producing a big amount of vapor with minimal taste loss.

Specification of the Wismec Reux Tank Replacement Coils:

  • RX Triple Coil 0.15ohm - 60-160W rated
  • RX Ceramic Coil 0.5ohm - 40-80W rated

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