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The Apple Drop E-Juice and Salt Nic are very super flavourful e-juices that add to your vape juices to taste, which is the classic pairing of a red Fuji apple , tangy and green granny smith for that sour kick it. 30ml bottle 50VG / 50PG. The flavours feature of a Crisp Apple Drop Salt E Juice liquid base which is infused with a unique combination of fruits that be an enjoyable use of an Salt E-Liquid option. All the different flavours of juice come from the same people from different regions who brought this with the famous Lemon Drop series! Browse your amazing vape juice flavours that you can discover from top brands like LIFT, LEMON DROP, BERRY DROP, CARBONADE, INDULGENCE , Lychee.

Exotic notes of lychee blended with red apple, which is very different.


  • Apple Drop Salt E-Liquids juice which is a mouth-watering line of vape juice that is infused with a delicious crisp.
  • Apple Drop Salt E-Liquids from the Apple base, are super flavourful and salt NIC which are very unique and refreshing and also available in the Apple Drop of Salt Version.
  • Apple Drop Salt E-liquid of different flavours, like Berries , peach and Vape Juice comes in 60mL bottles & a 70VG / 30PG premium e-juice blend.
  • All these different flavours come in Lychee, watermelon, berries, which are properly blended with red apple,with ripe peaches in different delicious flavours.
  • It also comes in cranberry, which is in the Tart cranberry mixed with sweet red apple.


The product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical.

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